About this website

Let's begin with the story of how this markdown was rendered on the Home Page.

  1. I setup the bare minimum MVC project in .Net 4.6.1 (because my web hosting is cheap / cheerful / old).
  2. I added the Markdig Nuget package.
  3. I added the first test for a simple file accessor.
  4. I used the file accessor to render markdown in the HomeController, and add the result to the ViewBag.
  5. Then I just tried to put the bare minimum Bootstrap in to get a layout working.

It's pretty much been the dictionary definition of JAFLOC (Just A Few Lines Of Code) to get the basics of a blog that I can manage with a Markdown editor.

You can get into its innards on GitHub, with the added bonus that the Markdown that's rendered here gets version controlled over there... So I'll never be able get away with doing a Dominic Cummings and editing any of this after the fact to make myself look clever.

To do next

  • Deploy!
  • Write lots!
  • Get the HomeController tests uncommented out and working OK - which might need Dependency Injection sorting out, or at least some chained constructors.
  • Realise that I can't access the Markdown because of how the permissions are set up on my web hosting! (That'll be annoying if it happens...)
  • Refactor the Markdown generation away from the Controller, so that the Controller's only job is to chuff strings of HTML to the View. (Probably make it all static).
  • Make it look nicer. (There's all sorts of pipelines for rendering Markdown with Bootstrap etc etc).

To do eventually

  • Oooh the possibilities! It'll need navigation, and a responsive design, and a search engine.
  • And lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!

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